AZRA Mission Statement

AZRA is an affiliate of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, a national organization promoting a nationwide grassroots movement to reclaim and reform the Republican Party and to preserve a Constitutional government. Reagan conservatives believe in small government, lower taxes, free market capitalism, a strong defense, right to life and a Constitutional America. In short, we are the Republican wing of the Republican Party.  Our mission is to promote true conservatives in all positions of leadership – elected office to appointed positions – within the Republican Party.

AZRA believes voting in Primaries and the General Elections are not enough. To defend our Republic we must be actively engaged in the political process. We can no longer create a choice between incompetent and inferior candidates or a contest delivering us the "lesser of two evils." Our vote together with our active involvement dictate the future of our Republic.

AZRA provides the tools for improving the way we participate in politics and the requisite of holding elected officials accountable. Our resolve includes making the party stronger by registering voters, recruiting members, and most importantly recruiting them as Precinct Committeemen.



AZRA's work:

  •    *Recruit committed conservative activists to become involved in the Republican Party.
  •    *Run for leadership positions within the party at state, county and local jurisdictions.
  •    *Increase the ranks of activists to revitalize our party and convert it into an electoral powerhouse Americans can believe in once again.
  •    *Vet candidates to be sure they aren't conservatives only during election years. 
  •    *Endorse the best true conservative candidates in contested primaries.
  •    *Conduct highly competitive endorsing conventions at which candidates must secure two-thirds support for AZRA's endorsement. 

    *Work to redeem the integrity of the party; which matters as much as winning elections.

     *To support policies that expand the rights, liberties, and responsibilities of the individual.

     * To populate the party with inspired individuals who are socially, morally, and fiscally constitutional partisans dedicated to upholding American principles and values which have been successfully time tested for generations.

       * To model our values by "doing the right things, the right way, with the right attitude."

Why do we do these things? 

  •     To leave future generations with the gift of a Free Republic.


  •      People want to know what we stand for. Enough has been said about what we are against. We plan to act in favor of what we support!  

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Arizona Republican Assembly
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Arizona Republican Assembly (AzRA) is a member of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies 

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