Mission One

  • Influence legislation at our State House and Senate. We work with AZRA lawmakers to run legislation that is good policy for Arizona. In the 2020 legislative session, we worked with lawmakers to add enforcement to the ballot harvesting law currently on the books. 
  • We track critical bills in each legislative session.  We urge our members to sign up for Request to Speak, an online way to post your comments and/or request a YES or NO vote
  • We invite members to attend Committee Hearings so they can engage in self-governance
  • We encourage members to meet with their legislative lawmakers to establish relationships.
  • This is the ultimate in self-governance, what the Founders had in mind for American citizens.

    Additional primary missions

    and a bit of history

     Mission Two

    • Help elect Constitutional Conservative candidates Encourage lawmakers to become members of AZRA
    • Endorse good candidates in the Primary
    • AZRA is the only Republican group that does that
    • Work on their campaign teams
    • Donate funding to their campaign
    • Hold our lawmakers accountable to the people
    • Hold an annual America First Fundraiser to support our candidates
    • Hold a spring Convention in Scottsdale to showcase our Speakers
    • Hold a National Convention in odd years to endorse our Presidential candidate

    Arizona Republican Assembly Membership Application

    Application must be mailed in or brought to a meeting. They will need to be returned with payment of $25 after approval by the Executive Committee 

    Upcoming events

    • No upcoming events

    Arizona Republican Assembly
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    Phoenix,  AZ 85064

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    Arizona Republican Assembly (AzRA) is a member of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies 

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